Description of the painting by William Turner “Fishermen at Sea”

Description of the painting by William Turner “Fishermen at Sea”

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It is interesting to note that William Turner masterfully mastered watercolor techniques, but nevertheless, among his series of ten watercolor works, only one was done in oil, and this work was “Fishermen at Sea”.

In fact, the artist was not engaged in painting in this technique, but during each free case, he began to study this technique of writing, through the study of workshops where artists worked in this technique and various works of old masters.

It is worth noting that this picture received a lot of positive reviews, however, like the artist himself, the mastery of the technique of working with oil was at a fairly high level. Turning directly to the canvas itself, one cannot fail to notice how the master pays special attention to all the smallest details. It can be seen that the artist, while drawing the sea water, you can notice the perfect transmission of light, shadow and glare, you can even see how the master conveys all the subtleties of the reflections from the light of the lantern and the moon.

When writing a picture, it is felt that the artist is trying to convey the emotional state and the feeling that everything in this world is on a thin, unstable edge. At the same time, it is impossible not to notice that such a state in the picture directly conveys the state of the artist himself, his subtle world. The relevance of this is accentuated by the moonlight, which momentarily opens the curtain of darkness over the sailors and the viewer can see their confusion and helplessness, in front of the powerful force of the elements.

Cold green shades prevail on the canvas, which further enhances the emotions prevailing in the picture. Together with the skillful use of glare, the deep sea becomes literally alive and transfers its energy to the viewer.

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