Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova "The Moscow Kremlin under Ivan Kalita"

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova

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Those who once saw his works that recreate the fabulous image of the ancient capital will forever remember these masterpieces. He had an extraordinary gift of writing.

His works are filled with the life of people, the beauty of the nature of Russia and the history of the Russian people. This has become the leading link in the work of the Master. Such paintings help to understand the deep essence of his works.

The future artist was born in the family of a priest. Father loved nature, studied science, astronomy and painting. From childhood, he instilled in the boy a love of nature, he could observe its changes for a long time, and at night he loved to admire the stars and constellations.

For his life, the artist has achieved a lot and painted a sufficient number of paintings, however, one of the most striking works is the painting “The Moscow Kremlin under Ivan Kalita”. Here we see the oak Kremlin walls of the future city, instead of walls made of pine, as previously assumed. The artist showed the city from the Neglinnaya River and the Moscow River. In the foreground is a small part of the river, boats and people who are doing their own thing. The wooden bridge, which is thrown over Neglinka, leads to the Kremlin through the Borovitsky Gate. On the shore, people begin to heat the baths, and from their windows rolls of smoke.

Oak stockade, set opposite the Kremlin wall, was built specifically for the security of the Kremlin. On the hill is a princely tower, connected by wooden log cabins, and a high staircase is installed to it. On the left side of the princely court is the Assumption Cathedral, made of stone, and a little off, the Archangel Cathedral was built.

The beauty of the picture is emphasized by the winter sky and the delightful coloring of the picture, made in brownish-bluish tones.

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