Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Nenufaras” (Water Lilies)

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Nenufaras” (Water Lilies)

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The summer spent by the artist in the Tver region, in Ostrovno, was filled with delightful emotions from enjoying the beauty of nature. Here one could indulge in philosophical thoughts, unraveling the secrets of life. By conviction, life after death was like a deep pool. Due to serious heart problems, such thoughts often haunted him.

On this canvas Levitan sought to create water lilies apart from the general background of the image. And he brilliantly succeeded. He wrote them standing in his boat, and his dear Lyulu rowed his oars.

In the picture, the horizon is located somewhere beyond its limits, which creates the effect of highlighting the surface of the water with non-nufar leaves and flowers lying on it.

According to local legend, next to Ostrovno was an enchanted lake, completely covered with leaves and flowers of lilies. Among the people they were considered a symbol of the fight against unclean forces, as well as assistants to travelers who were going to come a long way.

On this lake, the artist apparently found the answers to his questions. Here he draws the line between the two worlds. He saw a secret life in the depths of the lake, and white lilies float above the dark pool. The artist displayed the existence of the other world through an image of a plexus of plant stems sprouting from underwater depths to the very surface.

The picture was painted at a very close distance with flowers. Ka later recalled to Lula: “Usually we sailed here, a stone tied to a rope was lowered to the bottom of the lake so that the boat would not be carried away, and Isaac indulged in labor for many hours.

Once, I hooked a few lilies with an oar, picked it up and brought it to him. He took one of them and kissed. I said to him that the lilies would soon fade, and I want to admire them constantly. ” And Levitan wrote beautiful lilies with gilded edges in her album and signed "Sweet and Dear Lulu ..."

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