Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Disappearing Images"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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“Disappearing Images" is one of the multi-meaning, multi-faceted paintings of Salvador Dali. It is known, for example, that he created a unique room-illusion, in which he used the facial features of the famous film actress of the time May West. The most famous in this installation is the sofa lips.

Something similar can be seen in the painting "Disappearing Images." From a distance, the image in this picture resembles the profile of an old man, a little similar to the artist himself. He is indeed an artist, but the other is Diego Velazquez, one of Salvador Dali's idols.

If you come closer to the picture and look at a different angle, then the old man's features blur, transforming into a girl standing at the curtains. In this, the picture echoes the famous painting by the Dutch artist Jan Vermeer, “The Girl with the Letter”. The same girl, letter, curtain. On the wall is a map. But if Vermeer is a classic, realism, then Dali has surrealism.

Strictly speaking, Dali was not an innovator here. “Double Pictures” appeared long before him, as did the compilation of people's faces from various images. On postcards you can find images of poets, composers and even Sigmund Freud. But the genius of Salvador Dali even manifested itself in the fact that he managed to keep the Vermeer play of light on the old man's cheek - or on the wall.

Dali portrayed his two idols in the picture, the brightest representatives of art - Velazquez and Vermeer. Another could become a copyist, portraitist, but the great Spaniard got his own, unique picture - “Disappearing Images”. It is believed that in the image of a woman with a letter, he portrayed his wife - Elena Dyakova.

The canvas is in the museum-theater, located in the artist’s hometown, Figueres, in eastern Spain. In the building where Dali once exhibited his first work.

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