Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova "Katya with dolls"

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova

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The gold fund of Russian art is made up of the works of a talented Russian artist and master of fine painting and graphics - Zinaida Serebryakova. She was a student of the famous painter Osip Braz, and became one of the first Russian women who entered the history of painting.

Basically, Serebryakova painted herself and her children. This was due to a lack of money. After the death of her husband, left with four children and a sick mother, the artist moved to Kharkov from Moscow, and then to St. Petersburg.

Serebryakova had four children - two boys and two girls. They all began to draw early, which could not but rejoice mother. And subsequently, a passion for art was reflected in the fate of each child. The eldest son, Eugene, became a restoration architect. He took part in the restoration of architectural monuments of Peterhof, and he also painted several landscapes in watercolor.

The second son, Alexander, in the summer of 1925 came to Paris, where Zinaida herself stayed for work. He painted street panoramas with old castles and houses, paintings, landscapes on the beautiful banks of the Seine. Later, he began to design the interiors of the castles of wealthy Frenchmen, and was also one of the creators of the Paris city park projects. Here he was a famous and authoritative person.

The third child, Tatyana, having graduated from a choreographic school in Leningrad, worked as a theater artist in Minsk and Leningrad. Upon moving to Moscow, got a job at the Moscow Art Theater, and then to GITIS. Only at 36 she was able to go to visit her mother in Paris.

The youngest daughter, Catherine, became the main character of almost all the artist’s paintings, which can be used to trace the girl’s growing up. She began to write it from early childhood, during the period of post-revolutionary time and before emigration. Later, becoming an adult, Katya is also interested in painting and moves to her mother in Paris to help at least somehow survive, devoting herself completely to this.

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