Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Athlete Gallop”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Athlete Gallop”

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In his work V. Most often the central place on such canvases was given to the heroes. The painting "The Athletic Gallop" created in 1914 was no exception.

In the center of the canvas is a horseman resembling an epic hero. He is sitting on a black horse. Vasnetsov was able to capture the moment of the jump, when the horse's hooves came off the ground.

It creates the illusion that the hero occupies all space, from earth to heaven. In the distance - a forest painted in dark colors. The head of the rider touches the clouds.

The artist depicted the movement, the moment of the jump by the composition method. The horse is fully tense, his legs are in a jump, his head is slightly lowered. The horseman turned to face the viewer. He trusts horse flair so much that he doesn’t even look where he jumps and does not hold a rein.

The painting was painted in 1914, at the very beginning of the World War, when no one still knows where it will come. The hero is in full combat readiness - a sword on his belt, a shield in his hand, a spear at the saddle, his eyes fixed on the distance, looking out for enemies.

To create greater tension, the background (forest, hill in the distance) is painted in dark colors. The picture captures the early dawn. The sun is about to rise, the background is already painted in various shades of red and purple.

Unlike many other paintings by Vasnetsov, the hero is abstract. He has no name, no strictly defined goal or its choice. One of the goals of the artist is to strengthen the patriotic spirit in the new war, to show that this is not the first and not the last battle on earth. All this is even more emphasized by the image of the vast Russian expanses - in fact, the trees are not small, they are just very far away.

In general, the picture is quite usual for the artist. It is located in the Moscow house-museum of Vasnetsov.

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