Description of the painting by Edward Munch "Parting"

Description of the painting by Edward Munch

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This artist was strange, some mystic. And well, if he himself was just a mystic, but his canvases also have some kind of mysticism. Only the canvas "Scream" can not leave alone many generations of art lovers. “Screaming” is either stolen, or vandals spoil the canvas, then it gathers dust for a long time in the archives, then visitors who are sick on the head in ecstasy beat for hours at the canvas. In practice, the same thing happens with this canvas - “Parting”.

There are two on the canvas. One figure is female, the second is male. And on the canvas just the very moment when the girl apparently refused his feelings. Probably not, but he did. And this rejection for him is equal to death. The painter showed it with paints. The girl is all light, light and faceless. But the guy is gloomy, his face is gray and holds his heart tight, which is poured with blood. Parting is painful for him, but she does not even suffer. This happens often.

The artist did not just describe this story, he told it as his personal one. But it happened to him like that too, when he loved, they didn’t love him. Not soon the guy, like Munch once, will come to his senses. And not at all soon he would again believe in love. The artist at one time never returned faith in love. Hobbies were, but true love was not there, it is not.

Love is a crazy feeling that burns people from within. And only those who live their lives easily never think about feelings. It lives really easy, but lonely. By the way, they sow this loneliness wherever they can. Lovers suffer from this.

Here the great Edward Munch portrayed this - a desperate pain due to the separation that the young man received from one windy girl. He depicted in such a way that already in our time, fans of his work come to despair and, in an ecstasy of delight, admire his canvas.

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