Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov "Roads"

Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov

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Yuri Pimenov can safely be reckoned among the urban artists. Born in Moscow, he will forever remain faithful to the capital, from time to time portraying it in various guises throughout his work. So, according to the artist’s paintings, you can reconstruct the path that the capital has followed in its development since the 1920s.

The artist’s painting “New Moscow” is widely known, in which he dresses his hometown in elegant, festive colors, conveying impressionistly precisely his every fussy movement. In the future (50-60s), the artist turns to the new quarters of Moscow. The artist admires their certain disorder, poets her, portraying women workers who wash their shoes or girls in puddles on pipes.

Without a doubt, the painting "Roads", being painted in 1969, contains all of the above motives. In the foreground of the canvas is a woman who wanders along blurry paths and heads, judging by the basin in her hands, to the river. Confidence is evident in her gait and the whole figure, although we can not see the face. The faces of people walking towards a woman are also not traced. And this is not surprising, because the main character of Pimenov’s paintings was and remains urban landscapes; they are given the main attention.

In the background of the picture you can see the outlines of the city, its houses, which seem to obscure the haze, which gives the painting a touch of impressionism.

A comparison of the undeveloped quarters and buildings of Moscow reveals a hidden meaning: the artist says that someday, in the very near future, these outskirts will also turn into a beautiful and festive city. And the bad roads, which became the main motive of the canvas, will dress in asphalt clothes. This explains the confidence of the main character in tomorrow.

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