Description of Georges Seurat's painting “Man and Woman”

Description of Georges Seurat's painting “Man and Woman”

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Impressionism is characterized by a passion for intuition, inspiration and premonition, as the basis of work. Impressionist paintings are penetrated by light, tell of one frozen moment, and are based on feelings, not on reason.

That is why Sera is also called a neo-impressionist - in many respects following the spirit of impressionism, letting the same sunlight into his paintings, he acted rationally, logically and carefully. It was under his brush that a technique was born that was later called pointillism - this is a method of applying paint that uses only pure colors. One stroke - one color. The maximum that is allowed is to mix them with white.

This technique is complicated in execution and gives excellent results. It can convey a lot - for example, a summer day, happy and bright, as in the picture "Man and Woman." It is very concise - on it is a river bank, soft green grass that beckons to lie down, a lonely tree, two in the grass look at the peaceful flow of water.

A man sits, pulling his knees to his chest, his posture expresses thoughtfulness and detachment. The woman is reclining with her elbow resting - her hair is tied up in a bun, the posture speaks of lazy interest, that something caught her eye, but she likes to lie too relaxed to sit down and examine better.

The whole picture is saturated with the brightness of flowers, it very accurately conveys summer noon and bliss, which covers anyone who decides to relax on the river bank in the heat. It is worth turning away from the picture, and it seems that the woman will now lean back into the soft grass, close her eyes, and the man will sit, watching the waves and rare leaves floating on the river, admiring the reflections in the water, looking in front of him absent-mindedly and quite.

A moment - good, imbued with silence and the sun, froze forever in the stillness of the picture.

Levitan Summer

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