Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Bulgarian Martyrs”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky “Bulgarian Martyrs”

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The canvas depicting drama is an exception in the work of Vladimir Makovsky rather than a trend. His paintings are usually bright and kind, but the news of how the Turks brutally cracked down on the Bulgarian population, suppressing the rebellion, could not leave a subtle artistic nature indifferent.

The characters of the painting “Bulgarian Martyrs” are two young women, one of whom may already be dead, a baby who, apparently, will never have to know earthly life, and three Turkish executioners. They surrounded the unfortunate woman and tear off her clothes, and she is trying to hold the sobbing baby in her hands, but her eyes are no longer focused on the child, but on the tortured friend, lying on the floor backward. There are puddles of blood near her. These are traces of torture.

Judging by the surrounding objects and surroundings, the action takes place in an Orthodox church, which further emphasizes the sacrilege of what is happening. The temple is barbarously ravaged, now it is the turn of the young mother and her child. One would like to say that these Turkish warriors have nothing sacred.

Even if they have a different faith, they could stop in front of the little man who had just begun to live, in front of his mother, without whom the crumbs would not live a day, but the rigidity of these three Turks leaves no hope that the captured prisoners will survive .

Having immortalized such a dramatic plot, Vladimir Makovsky decided to sell his work, and send the proceeds to Bulgaria - to help the victims, in order to at least help this people heal their emotional wounds.

Thanks to this picture, we now more clearly imagine what inhumanity is, and how any war, even the smallest, even simple suppression of rebellion, can distort souls, but this should not be on Earth.

Diana And Acteon

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