Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “St. George, defeating the dragon”

Description of the painting by Raphael Santi “St. George, defeating the dragon”

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St. George in the picture of Raphael does not look at all what we used to see and imagine. We rely on Orthodox icon-painting traditions, and therefore we have already developed a certain image.

However, at Raphael we see a knight clad in armor. He seems invulnerable, but the saint's face is open, he does not hide him under the visor. It seems that George is unshakable in his decision to defeat the dragon, which brings many troubles to people. The horse standing on its hind legs is already frightened, but the horseman continues to execute reprisal against the adversary.

The adversary of the saint is not depicted by anger at all, on the contrary, he is treacherous, treacherous, he has the look of a tempter. He understands that in front of him is a fearless knight who was not stopped even by the fact that his spear was broken into pieces. George swings the dragon with a sword, and he seems to be trying to offer the warrior a deal: to bestow treasures and divide the prey in half, but only so that he leaves him his life.

In the background at the cliff a girl is rushing about. Who is she? Why with bated breath watches the fight? According to legend, this young beauty was sacrificed to a bloodthirsty monster who had already managed to exterminate all the sheep in the city.

At first, the townspeople offered the dragon unfortunate animals, but the beast didn’t get enough of them either, and began to devour people who had been slaughtered. And only St. George decided to enter into an unequal battle, entrusting his fate to the Lord.

We know the continuation of the legend: a brave warrior did away with a filthy serpent. But at that moment, the girl did not even imagine what a dragon could do with a man who entered into a duel. After all, the monster has already claimed so many lives! But another second - and the head of the fire-breathing creature, cut off by the sword of George, will fall to the ground. Both the beauty and the whole city will be saved.

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