Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Calvary”

Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Calvary”

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Throughout his life, Repin repeatedly turned to religious topics. “Golgotha” - a picture literally suffered by the artist, the plan of which he had been carrying for many years.

Reading the book of Repin’s memoirs, one can understand how the author experienced this plot, let it pass through his heart. He felt, heard the cry and groans of those who mourn for Christ.

Under a gloomy heavy sky - a countless crowd of empathic and curious. Interestingly, Repin portrayed Christ on the cross in an ordinary Russian shirt. Disputes about why the author has applied such a technique are still ongoing, but one version is supported by most art historians.

Critics believe that the artist through the elements of clothing conveyed the drama characteristic of the Russian people. Since biblical themes were more understandable and closer to ordinary people, the language of art also became more eloquent.

An interesting fact is that Repin did not greatly favor the church, it was rather cold about it. As a sign of solidarity, when Leo Tolstoy was excommunicated, the artist also stopped visiting God's house. Why are there so many religious scenes in Repin's works? The fact is that, despite his personal attitude, he presents the people with the church as a sign for the Russian people.

Golgotha ​​was presented at an art exhibition in Helsinki, where it became an honorary leader among other works. This picture was significantly different from the usual repin composition.

In addition, Golgotha ​​was filled with symbols, little things, such as a freshly dug grave, bloody tracks, scurrying dogs. This was uncharacteristic of the author’s creativity and, together with admiration, the picture aroused sincere amazement of the connoisseurs.

The exhibition in Helsinki was the last in the life of the author, and Golgotha ​​was one of the brightest paintings of the final creative years.

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