Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “At the syncronist”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “At the syncronist”

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This artist was very fond of writing genre paintings. With pleasure depicted everyday life on canvas. But the truth is that he never refused portraits. At least one of his most famous portraits is still highly valued and quite popular among Scandinavian painting enthusiasts. This is a "Portrait of a Girl with a Pearl." Hollywood somehow became generous and created a film based on this canvas.

As for this canvas, it is somewhat frivolous. The author himself often resorted to the services of a consolidation, and apparently dared to show this side of life. On the canvas, four - two women and two men. All of them are standing at the table covered with a rich tablecloth or this bedspread, you can’t say for sure. We found them already when payment at the expense of future comforts began and this payment was washed with good wine.

But not everyone drinks. Only a girl who is pretty embarrassed, but supple. And the man drinks, but not the one who bought her services, but the one who came with him to the dowager. But behind them just there is a mix. An avid person craving as much pay as possible.

Even though she’s already paid. The girl is embarrassed and, apparently, such a visit of men to her occurs for the first time and she still does not know how to behave. But the one who bought it is already starting to make some intimate gestures - gently took a hand by the chest and whispers something in her ear, giving a coin to her palm.

Needless to say, Vermeer came under a sharp fire of discontent of the nobility and the church. There was censorship then, and it was clear to everyone that it was allowed and not allowed to depict on canvases. Vermeer here neglected the rules and therefore was already virtually renounced from the faith.

Saved orders for portraits and other more peaceful paintings. Of course, the same “Girl with a Pearl” saved her, but exactly until it became known that the painting depicts not a noble lady at all, but a simple maid with whom the married author spun a romance. Then there was even more noise, but that's about something else ...

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