Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Girl with a loose braid”

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Girl with a loose braid”

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Oil painting on canvas in 1873.

Directions in painting: realism.

The canvas refers to the late work of the artist. Kramskoy painted portrait and historical painting. Well versed in landscapes, but did not give them preference in his work. His portraits were distinguished by the artist’s ability to accurately convey the faces of people. But he might not always be interested in them, giving preference to the general plan.

The canvas "The Girl with the Loose Scythe" was written by the artist for himself; it was all the remaining years of his life in his workshop. The artist painted it under the influence of mental suffering, in connection with the losses and disappointments of life.

The picture shows a girl looking into the void. Her face is filled with pallor and soreness. The eyes are sad, full of painful reasoning. Dark shades of blue and brown underline her whitish skin. Her soreness is associated with inner suffering. This is a time of turning inward, mental ordeals. But, despite this, the girl is beautiful.

Under the influence of the picture, I want to reflect on my life, and believe that the heroine of the portrait went through all the mental torment and found herself. She wearily and indifferently looks into the void, ignoring the artist who paints her portrait. Kramskoy skillfully painted a face that gives us awareness of her longing for a tired look. An elegant earring on the girl’s ear catches the eye, which dilutes the overall sad look of the portrait.

Kramskoy was a master of the portrait genre. For almost two centuries, his paintings are striking in their insight and ability to convey psychological characteristics in subtle details.

The painting is stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

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