Description of Peter Rubens's painting “Castle Walls”

Description of Peter Rubens's painting “Castle Walls”

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After the great Flemish painter Rubens acquired the Castle of Walls in 1635, a new period began in the work of the painter, who was called Stenova. The painting "Castle Walls" refers to this period in the artist's work.

Walking around the castle and inspired by the picturesque surroundings, Rubens focuses on landscape works. Rubens' favorite landscapes were canvases on which he depicted peasants - strong and healthy people who love physical labor. The picture shows that the Flemish artist treats working people with deep respect, which was rare for that time.

The famous castle of walls, in which he felt like a rural aristocrat, is depicted in the picture on the left - it has survived to this day. Rubens lovingly painted the Flemish landscape, which always turned out on his canvas to be very colorful and varied. The sun in the picture rises in the east, which allows us to conclude that the morning time is depicted. Yellowing plants located in the foreground tell us that the artist depicted autumn.

Rubens loved nature with trepidation, and he could easily make the monotonous and dull landscape of Flanders cheerful and colorful, adding freshness and light to it. The Flemish painter was a true patriot of his homeland.

In the painting “Castle Walls”, Rubens masterfully depicted the horizon, the vast expanses, hills and a valley with a village, a herd of cattle with a shepherd.

Unlike classicists, Rubens conveys the dynamics of nature and the entire world, the beauty and charm of his native land.

The painting was written with enthusiasm, it is personal in nature, the scenes are strongly felt. The canvas is made with confident, accurate strokes with creative energy and passion. There is a feeling that the picture emits light and brightness. The picture evokes a feeling of optimism and the joy of being in an enthusiastic viewer.

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