Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer "Portrait of a Venetian"

Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer

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Oh, this wondrous face of a simple, naive Venetian! For a long time in Europe it was believed that there are no more beautiful girls in the world than true Venetians. The city of love and sin has always been famous for its female beauty, even the old women looked noble and beautiful there, let alone the young Venetians.

Before us is one of the young beauties. Although it is difficult to call her beauty, but there is something elusively pretty in her. She is neat, she is slim, she follows fashion - in any case, the hairstyle is the most fashionable in the Middle Ages. She may not be married, because there is no cap or crest that definitely hinted to passers-by about the status of the girl. She is most likely a funny and very sharp-headed young lady.

At least her face betrays a cheerful disposition. But the black bow at the heart may indicate that she has lost some person close to her. Because it was in this way that sorrow was expressed in Venice. Not a scarf, not a sleeve, and not even the clothes of black color, but it was enough just to impose a bow at the heart, and it was clear that the family was in grief. And what exactly happened, you can’t understand from the portrait. But the artist did not particularly fit into her personal space, it was enough for him to understand the inside.

By the way, according to the drawing of the dress and the necklace on the neck, we can conclude that the girl is from a well-known family. To be precise, it is most likely from that middle class. This is not to say that she is bad, she is still gorgeous. Otherwise, the artist would probably not waste time on it.

Dürer again and again proved his skills as a portrait painter, although he could beautifully depict landscapes and simply make magnificent sketches of plants, animals or facial movements of a person. For example, prayerfully folded hands. With such documentary accuracy, only Da Vinci could draw, and even then it was not always successful. Dürer was also a first-class master in this.

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