Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "On the turf bench"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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The greatness of repin as an artist is incontrovertible and requires no evidence. The list of paintings by the master can be listed endlessly - it is so huge.

In 1876, a wide variety of subjects in the artist’s personal collection was replenished with one small, but very noteworthy painting “On the Sod Bench”.

At Repin's work, a hot day and his large family, sheltered from the sun in the shade of trees. Interestingly, Repin did not try to adjust the attitude of the characters in the picture to posing.

It is noticeable that someone is dissatisfied with what is an object for the artist’s brush. Someone is condescending and even ironic. And the children are not at all interested in this process - they simply do not notice it and behave lightly and naturally.

Bright colors that fill all the free space on the canvas, summer greens - evoke a feeling of joy, delight and tranquility.

From the side of not the layman, but the researcher, the picture not only boils with joyful notes, but also skillfully weaves several styles that Repin masterfully learned to use during his studies in France. Impressionism is especially clearly seen, but skillfully crafted with a special Repin technique of writing.

Such successful works as "On the Sod Bench" the master had a lot. It is interesting that Repin himself did not attach much importance to such canvases, believing that in them there is no way for his development as a great artist.

Rather, it was entertainment, relaxation, and not the work itself. Critics of that time did not quite agree with the artist. His peripheral work was valued no less than the masterpieces of the great Russian artist of all time.

Much later, when Repin died, Benoit wrote about him not only as an inimitable artist, master, but also as a man of a great soul, to whom he is grateful.

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