Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Portrait of Valery Bryusov"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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The history of writing this portrait is worth telling especially. And first of all, we need to tell how it so happened that Vrubel, who at that time had completely lost his mind, was generally allowed to draw. Yes, now the great artist Mikhail Vrubel was crazy. To this he was led by society and family troubles. But first of all, it is society.

For a long time he was not recognized as an artist. They laughed and mocked at him, all his paintings invariably received disgusting criticism, and no one stood up for his defense, except for a few people. One of them was the great philanthropist Savva Mamontov.

He subsequently managed to create such conditions for the artist that he began to work for his pleasure and completely forgot about poverty. But this did not help him in health, it still worsened. And he was treated, treated for a long time and in different hospitals.

But once his artist friends took a chance and collected thirty-six of his paintings for a large exhibition to prove to everyone that their friend was not crazy, but simply an extremely talented artist. And they did it. And Vrubel finally recognized as a wonderful artist. But how late it happened.

He painted this portrait when the next enlightenment of the mind came and the doctors gave permission to draw. Bryusov himself posed for him. But one more thing was done: in the morning Bryusov posed - Vrubel wrote, and then Vrubel himself posed, and his friend Serov painted it. And so we have an image of the artist at that time.

And Bryusov himself was very sorry, then that he did not realize immediately to photograph the draft version of his portrait. In his opinion, Vrubel made his portrait well in draft form. But in this color - it turned out to be strange, and Bryusov was a little dissatisfied with it.

And then Vrubel didn’t even finish this option, he didn’t do it. And this portrait is considered incomplete. But this is still one of the last conscious works of the master.

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