Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “Sunset Effect”

Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “Sunset Effect”

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When the color in the picture turns into light, with great confidence we can say that in front of you is a canvas belonging to the brush of Arkhip Kuindzhi.

It would seem that the canvas, oil paints, and suddenly from somewhere a real glow, as if under the canvas there is some invisible lamp. It seems that it was the light that became the main character of the artist’s paintings. In his work, The Effect of Sunset, the light is red.

At first, its glare seems unrealistic, but if you recall what sunsets are in reality, then none of them are like the other, and sometimes they paint objects in the most bizarre colors. Here snow, rocks, pines were painted. Apparently, this sunset is in the mountains, and there, due to the fact that some of the rays are hiding behind the peaks, the palette becomes generally rich and completely outstanding.

Transitions from one color to another are much sharper, more radical. That is why the canvas is called "Sunset Effect". In the mountains - these are the effects. And they can change literally every minute, becoming rich food for the imagination of any creative person.

So here, on a perpetuated mountain landscape, it seems that a minute or two will pass, and the red bunnies of the setting sun will disappear, giving way to another unique effect. In the valleys, as their inhabitants say, sunset is fast. And only the hand of a true artist gives us the opportunity to enjoy this moment as much as we want.

The hollow strewn with snow goes somewhere into the distance and falls down, to another platform, where everything looks different. But we can only guess about it, looking at the blue-violet sky in the background. Yes, at first the light seems unrealistic, but the longer you look at the picture, the more you want to get into this mountainous world and touch the rocks on which red sunbeams froze.

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