Description of the painting by Edouard Manet "Argenteuil"

Description of the painting by Edouard Manet

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At one time, Manet visited with his younger colleague and friend, Claude Monet, and was completely fascinated by his way of life. Moni lived in Paris, on the banks of the Seine, he had his own boat, in which he lived, as if in a houseboat. In it he painted, in it he dined, in it he went to bed.

His paintings sparkled at that time with the sun, were full of light shining with happiness, and described mainly the life of the district close to the river in which he lived. There were bathers and bathers, ladies in frivolous hats, sailors, casual people, tourists in impossibly bright dresses. From the paintings of Monet, it became clear that he loves life, and Manet was temporarily infected with this love of his. In those days, his brightest paintings were created - and he painted a lot at that time, often with pleasure.

“Arranges” is one of such paintings. It is filled with light, a feeling of summer heat, warm colors, delicate shades. A woman - a permanent model of Mane at that time - holds a bouquet of flowers on her lap and looks a little to the side, clearly thinking of something pleasant. A man - a typical vacationer, white pants, a funny panama hat, saggy mustache - looks into her face. It’s easy to finish their dialogue - about how impossible it is today, about how beautiful the girl’s eyes are and what an elegant hat, and whether to agree to go with him to some pleasant place cooler, to drink something cold or eat sorbet .

Behind them - the river, delightfully bright, reflecting the sun's rays - on the other side you can see the low rural houses. Around the mast, the boat, when you look at the picture, it seems you can feel a blow of fresh wind from the river.

And maybe you just have to turn away - the woman will smile, put the bouquet aside and say - well then, let's drink something cool, if you insist so.

“Arranges” is so full of life that it would not be surprising.

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