Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “Stormy Day”

Description of the painting Isaac Levitan “Stormy Day”

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Experts agree that among the latest works of the great artist Levitan, one can find such images in which with the naked eye one can see love for all living things, incredible love of life and a desire to live, create, work.

In some works, this thirst for life was displayed in such a highly expressive form, the special dynamics of captured images, voluminous relief brush strokes, vivid emotions of the canvas composition and bright contrasting colorful images.

One of these later cheerful paintings is considered his work “Stormy Day”. Through it, the creator conveys the rapid movement of the rhythm of life, urging the artist to apply more and more strokes. On the other hand, the artist, as it were, reflects in his works the longing and doom of death. In his later works, the artist very clearly reflects precisely these thoughts.

On his canvas "Stormy Day" as if a strong gusty wind walks, flying around empty glades and lonely located houses of local residents. Clouds are gathering in the sky, dense clouds cover almost all of its blue essence. As if a little more, and heavy leaden rain would cover the fields. The lonely trees behind the houses seemed to rustle and rustle from the windy air. Bad weather is coming.

It must be said that such works were especially rare for Levitan. Such art cannot be found in his everyday works of the 90s. Although in his life before there were moments of unbearable despair, silence and inaction.

It was such difficult periods that were especially reflected in the later works of Isaac Levitan. His creations were visited by a large number of Russian and foreign exhibitions. And starting in 1898, the artist returned to his native school and began his pedagogical activity along with Serov and Korovin.

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