Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "The Black Sea Fleet in Feodosia"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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In his famous work “The Black Sea Fleet in Feodosia” Ivan Aivazovsky wanted to capture the events of 1846.

This year, the artist celebrated a decade of his work, and his esteemed arrived on the ship "Twelve Apostles" to greet and congratulate the outstanding creator. The naval flotilla was headed by the admiral and close friend of the artist V. A. Kornilov.

On the famous canvas Aivazovsky painted fast sailing ships, dark sea water and a bright blue sky. Sandy clean bottom is clearly visible through the depths of clear water.

A huge fleet with many ships halfway to shore. Light fog envelops the piers of Feodosia. The whole picture is filled with tranquility and solemn silence, so ordinary for a warm sea summer day. The sky is clear and free, there is not a single cloud on it, not a single cloud.

In the distance you can see the city buildings and the mighty mountains of Crimea. On the shore of the fleet, civilians, subjects of the Russian Empire, are most likely waiting. Aivazovsky at that time was part of the headquarters of the Navy, and all his colleagues and chiefs expressed words of gratitude and pride for the fact that their team was such a talented person.

The calmness of Aivazovsky’s paintings seems to convey the mood of struggle, serenity and strength of the Russian navy. The fleet returns to the bay, it is safe and sound. The artist managed to capture his power, strength and power. The indicator is a myriad of ships, at any moment ready for battle and defense of the fatherland.

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