Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Madonna Oriflamma”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Madonna Oriflamma”

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The famous artist Roerich painted his painting “Madonna Oriflamma” specially for the Peace Pact. Thoughts about this Covenant too often did not leave the artist, so their echoes can be seen in many of his works.

He used the Sign of the Omen in more than half of the paintings of the 30s. In his painting, the artist depicted the Madonna holding a canvas with the "Sign" in her hands.

To some extent, the artist reflected in his work the women's struggle for equality. This struggle in some countries continues to this day, and in the early decades of the 20th century it was very acute.

Therefore, Nikolai Konstantinovich could not help but pay attention to her. Quite often, women's associations actively defended all the artist's ideas, including The Sign of the World. Well, the artist himself believed that the subtle female nature would help people in the whole world to take a fresh look at culture and creativity.

Madonna is considered feminine. In the artist’s painting, the majestic appearance of Oriflamme symbolizes the Divine manifestation in the visible and invisible worlds. A bright golden halo, as a symbol of spirituality is a confirmation of this. Roerich managed to penetrate into the subtle spheres of Being, and to transmit through his works all the existing feelings and impressions.

Roerich depicts the Madonna in purple, a color that reflects Genesis. In the hands of Oriflamma the “Banner of Peace” is stretched, expressed through the symbol of the trinity. The artist emphasizes the significance of the “Banner”, and shows that the Banner was given to us by the Most High. It appears in a way, an idea of ​​evolution, and people need to comprehend this idea, its movement, without confusing all this with a low, worldly understanding.

Roerich managed to write a hymn to his painting, an appeal symbolizing prayer and an appeal to the Madonna of Oriflamme, possessing the “Sign of the World”.

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