Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Wanderer of the Bright City”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Wanderer of the Bright City”

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The canvas was created in 1933 with oil on canvas.

Nicholas Roerich is a unique person in Russian history. He was an artist, writer, philosopher and archaeologist. He traveled a lot and was a public figure. During his life he wrote seven thousand paintings.

Roerich contributed to the church heritage of the country, was engaged in the design and painting of churches. His work was appreciated during his lifetime, exhibitions have always had a lot of visitors. Many museums dedicated to Nicholas Roerich have been created around the world. His activities included various areas of life.

Roerich created an expedition to Asia, which influenced his whole life and work. He also spent several years in exile since 1917. Under the influence of Asia, the teachings of the ancient sages, Indian and Tibetan lamas, he creates literary works and canvases dedicated to wanderings and searches for truth. All of them impress the audience around the world.

The painting “The Wanderer of the Bright City” is one of the works dedicated to the spiritual quest for truth. The picture shows a traveler who, after a long journey, finally found a wonderful city. What is it? Shambhala or Belovodye? Places that seek millions of wanderers around the world to receive answers and learn the knowledge of the ancient sages. Roerich depicted temples in this marvelous city to show that there can be no truth without religion.

Peace and harmony in the soul can only be found through God. Everything in this place suggests that the traveler will find his center of the world. A wonderful country, somewhere high in the mountains, which was written about thousands of years ago. She seems to be going to heaven. An earthly paradise filled with light, pacification, and the meaning of being.

The plot of the picture is intertwined with all the other canvases written by Roerich about the search for Shambhala, the city of the Gods, Belovodye and the center of the world.

The painting is in storage at the Roerich Museum. New York.

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