Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Princess Volkhov”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Princess Volkhov”

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Created by the artist back in 1898, the work based on the famous opera still fascinates many viewers. In the center of the composition, Vrubel places the image of a young beauty who sadly folded her hands and gazes overwhelmed by longing beyond the canvas.

The inspiration for this picture was the work of the Russian composer and close friend of the artist Rimsky-Korsakov, entitled "Sadko". The main role in this opera was played by Vrubel's beloved wife, actress N.I. Zabella-Vrubel.

In the young and beautiful princess Magus, you can really see the features of Vrubel’s wife, as in many of his other creations. The princess has beautiful long hair, golden hue, wearing a white linen shirt, and a crown of gems and pearls adorns her head. The artist decided as a plot to depict the moment when the princess falls into the water. This sad story is emphasized by all the details of the picture.

The colors in which the painting is made symbolizes the sorrow and longing of the Magi. All these elements contrast with the beauty of her attire and jewelry. The moon peeks out quietly from the crown of dark trees. Her yellow-golden shades merge with the wonderful color of the Magi's hair and the elements of her clothes.

Dark shades of water and trees, as if transmit dampness, darkness and oblivion of the seabed. They seem to reflect minor chords and the theme of this sad event. The princess's pensive look is overwhelmed with longing for her beloved Sadko.

As if the princess is exhausted from the expectation of a loved one. The position of her hands tells the viewer about the anxieties and feelings of a young girl. It seems that she is about to take a step forward, into the endless water depths and will forever remain at the bottom.

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