Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Chardin “Copper water tank”

Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Chardin “Copper water tank”

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The painting was painted in oil on canvas in 1734.

Genre - still life. The direction in painting is Rococo.

Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin was a French artist of the 18th century. His canvases have won many awards. He painted portraits, landscapes, still lifes. For his work, he used his own style. For the image I used a constantly silver-gray shade.

His still lifes are one of the most perfect works of artists of that time. In them, Charden used simple, modest household items. But what were these canvases! Simplicity and harmony were present in them like no other. He could imagine a simple tank or a jug with some kind of soulfulness peculiar only to him.

“Copper water tank” is Chardin’s work, which is distinguished by a very modest set of things. The artist presented us with an old copper tank, in which in the past centuries people stored water in their houses, an earthenware jug stands nearby. He also looks very quick and strict in the general background of the canvas.

Under a carved copper faucet there is an iron container where you can draw water. The look attracts no less simple and ancient thing - it's a scoop. All of these items are admirable. They are very simple, used daily in everyday life, but how skillfully they are made and transmitted for our perception by the artist.

Chardin masterfully portrayed a shade of copper and iron. In the scoop we can see rivets that are made to hold a beautiful handle. The surface inside is not specially depicted uniformly, as if it had been exposed to water for decades. Two iron handles are located on the jug, with the help of which the tank was transferred to the right place. A simple water tank in the past century had a modest appearance, but it was made like a work of art.

The picture shows the viewer all the skill of the author, the ability to use tones and black and white effects.

The canvas is in storage at the Louvre. France.

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