Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Forest Cemetery”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Forest Cemetery”

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The canvas was created in 1893 with oil on canvas.

Painting style realism, landscape genre.

Shishkin is one of the greatest Russian artists. His works are known all over the world. Shishkin painted dozens of paintings depicting the rich Russian nature. All of them are filled with the love of the author.

The painting "Forest Cemetery" depicts an old deadwood. Tall old centuries-old pines stand on the remains of their ancestors. They were defeated and surrendered under the influence of time and the elements. Once they experienced many events, proudly standing one century after another. Now they are buried here, giving the general appearance of longing, forcing us to think about the frailty of everything in this world. How masterfully Shishkin owned a brush. Mosses and greens have a striking combination of yellow-green hues. The background is filled with the sun, where the fallen trees also lie. Somewhere in the distance you can see the sky.

What caused their mass death? Perhaps a violent storm, or inexorable action of temporary years. But the tragedy of the landscape is that a dense layer of moss, rotten trunks and stumps do not allow new life to develop. On the trunks of pine trees you can see the corroded bark, and a white coating that portends the imminent demise of still strong trees. The absence of needles and thin dry branches only confirm the speculation about impending death.

The picture at the same time delights and makes you sad. The game of color, the techniques used for a detailed image of the texture of moss, is striking. Shishkin used the method of precise application of paint, which gives the canvas an unsurpassed gloss and structure.

Thanks to the artist’s paintings, we can be proud of the luxury and power of Russia. Based on the works of Shishkin, many poems have been written.

The canvas is in storage at the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. Minsk.

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