Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Madame Cezanne”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Madame Cezanne”

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The picture was painted in 1895 with oil on canvas.

Cezanne is a great French artist who lived in Provence at the turn of the century. He was a representative of post-impressionism. He painted landscapes, famous for his portraits. His canvases do not look like any other. He did not portray characters in his usual portraits, clearly emphasizing and writing down the details of the image. His people were deformed, lost balance, outlines are not clear.

Also, the artist used rather gloomy tones. With his manner in painting, he wanted to prove his individual point of view, which did not coincide with anyone.

Portraits of Madame Cezanne, these are some of the most important creations of the author. In his life he created them for more than forty. Madame Cezanne is his wife, who was eleven years younger than the artist. She became a source of inspiration for the creation of his paintings.

Although, according to the recollections of Cezanne's relatives, his wife was not ideal in terms of married life. She spent a lot of time away from her husband, because she loved secular evenings and an eventful life. But still, she had many good character traits. When her husband could not fall asleep, she sat next to her and spent hours reading to him. Madame Cezanne supported his work, she also gave the French artist a son.

In a portrait of 1895, Madame Cezanne is depicted sitting in a beautiful, strict black dress. Her head is decorated with a secular, elegant hat. Which once again emphasizes her love for a beautiful life.

Cezanne used his favorite dark tones to create the canvas. He did not change the tradition of facial image not clearly. In this regard, looking at the paintings of the author, it is impossible to understand what his wife was externally. Did she have a beautiful face and cute features. His images distort the idea of ​​his wife. It is as if blurry.

The painting is in storage in Pennsylvania. USA.

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