Description of the painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec "One"

Description of the painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

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Look at the picture ... loneliness .. emptiness and weakness. As if all the hardships in the life of this woman fell on her fragile shoulders at once. Looking at the picture, I want to ask her about what in life so exhausted her, how much her heart and soul were eaten.

One of the cycles that were dedicated to women of “easy” behavior was a cycle called “They,” where it clearly becomes clear his attitude to everything that happens. No, he did not despise them, he admired them, loved them, but could not know because of illness.

The role of this woman in the picture is not clear, but it is clear that her tiredness and weakness are caused by her endless work. Her hands are thin and lifeless, lying on one leg, the other on the bed, as if wings were weary of flights. The person is not visible, since the essence of the picture is not in the image of the appearance, but in emphasizing the purpose. The artist loves his creations, he loves the present, so he does not try to portray fantasy, but depicts real events, not hiding vulgarity and contempt. Thus kindling among critics whole lights from words and tirades, but this does not stop him.

The picture is saturated with loneliness and sadness, as if a woman is no longer thinking about anything, but simply lies with her eyes closed and dreams that everything will be over soon.

All the fine lines of the body attract the eye, but her dark legs clearly tell us that it is they who lead her to this spiritual loneliness, the desire to find peace. The picture is filled with gestures, as if the artist did not draw, but showed us what should be paid more attention to, and that it was not worth it at all. Looking at the picture, the viewer himself wants peace and a little loneliness to be alone with his thoughts.

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