Description of the painting by Ivan Khrutsky “Flowers and Fruits”

Description of the painting by Ivan Khrutsky “Flowers and Fruits”

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The central place of the picture, despite the abundance of various details, is occupied by a vase with the image of animals walking in the wild. Apparently, it is made of porcelain, although it may be that of metal, as its color has a dark green hue. The artist placed several flowers in a vase, among which peonies stand out as red buds. Three of them are down, as if the days of withering of their beauty had come. Two blue irises, spreading their petals around, look delightful.

The remaining flowers are predominantly yellow in color, either in pairs or in solitude. The composition is diluted with green leaves and in some places ears of wheat sticking up or some grass.

To the right of the vase is a half-full (or empty) glass cup. One of the peonies lowers its petals into it, as if wishing to drink nutrient moisture. If you continue to keep your eyes on, then your gaze comes across a cluster of fruits. The main place among them is occupied by a large pumpkin, part of which "hides" behind a bouquet of flowers. The artist placed a bunch of grapes on top of it. But the five berries seemed to have fallen off and now hang from the edge of the table, covering part of the ripe pears. In the bottom corner of the picture is a notched orange, behind which a red apple “humbly” hides. The upper part of the image is a carafe of water, sometimes poorly distinguishable on a brown background.

On the left side of the picture are ripe peaches neatly laid on a leafy litter in a wicker box. Next to her, the artist placed a cut fruit, as if wishing to demonstrate that it is really ripe and ready to eat. Behind them is a large basket filled to the top with bunches of grapes.

The artist chose colors predominantly saturated, truly summer. Only the background is dark, but at the same time, it performs its main function: it allows you to really enjoy the beauty of natural fruits.

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