Description of the painting by Nikolai Sergeyev “Fog”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Sergeyev “Fog”

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The painting "Fog" by the outstanding Kharkov landscape painter N.A. Sergeeva was written by the author in 1897. An incredible combination of colors, completely unique transitions, a non-standard approach of the artist helped the author to recreate the beauty of his native land.

A narrow river stands in the foreground of the picture, the banks of which are framed by reeds and once green grass. On the left you can see grass already yellowed from the sun, burned out, judging by this, it can be argued that the artist depicts a foggy morning in late summer or early autumn. The river carries a mirror image of coastal grasses and the whiteness of a high sky. Some part of the river is covered with thick mud. It seems as if the person looking at the picture is as if being transferred to the shore of this small river.

Amazingly accurate color reproduction helped the artist reproduce on the canvas all the subtleties of the fog, which densely lay along the riverbank. Enveloping themselves with golden haystacks that are visible in the background. It is important to pay attention to the color, due to which the artist depicts a dense fog. This is a mixture of lilac, white and blue. The reflection of fog in the river is very beautifully shown, overflows of blue shades most accurately convey natural shades.

Very naturally, the author was able to portray the beauty of the morning sky. Combining a smoky white, light pink and slightly greenish hue, it majestically rises above the dense grasses and a winding river.

A brilliant combination of shades, unique transitions, a special vision of the artist helped to accurately recreate the unsurpassed sophistication of his native nature, as if in a pacified state of a certain awakening. Amazingly reproduced instant before the start of a new day.

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