Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Lady in Blue”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Lady in Blue”

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In the painting “Lady in Blue”, Konstantin Andreyevich Somov portrayed his close friend and colleague in the craft, the artist Yevgeny Martynova. The artist created a retrospective portrait by placing his model in a stylized park and dressing her in an old luxurious dress. Some researchers believe that in this portrait Somov portrayed the Beautiful Lady of the mythical Silver Age, a certain sublime image of an ideal woman who, alas, cannot be found just walking along the street.

It seems that this is an ordinary ceremonial portrait - a beautiful young woman in an expensive old dress, with a volume of poems in her hands stands against the backdrop of the park trees. But when we look at this work, we see not just a beautiful picture, we feel the sadness of the portrait’s heroine, imbued with sympathy for the pale, painful angel, who had flown from here to this sinful earth.

The composition of the painting is built perfectly - a slender female silhouette is almost perfectly inscribed in the canvas, a blue luxurious dress with lace emphasizes the fragility and spirituality of the heroine's face. From the heavy expensive fabrics of the lady's dress, bluish shadows fall on her pale sad face.

The dark green of the bushes behind the woman seems to be protecting her from the rest of the world. All the colors of this ancient memory park seem to have faded and faded. In the background of the picture you can see the lake, on the banks of which musicians play. That is, ordinary life seems to flow there, but this background looks like an old faded photograph, a snapshot of a bygone reality.

The lady alone is not part of this old photo, she is real, as an angel in the form of a man can be real. At the bottom of her large sad eyes is suffering and pain. Throughout her appearance, fatigue and bruising are felt. When looking at her, the viewer is imbued with the aching longing that the artist himself experienced when painting this portrait.

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