Description of the painting by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin "Still Life"

Description of the painting by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

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Chardin was a true master of still life. He preferred to depict completely familiar objects, utensils and utensils. His paintings are as democratic as possible and at the same time incredibly significant.

We see objects that become a symbol of a durable family life. They demonstrate her orderly way. Before us is a bowl with a spoon, a glass and three apples. This is a reminder of the meal of an ordinary person. The artist is very attentive to all things. Moreover, it does not matter what is in front of him: a simple bowl or an apple.

The artist seeks to arrange all objects as naturally as possible. All of them bear the stamp of the fact that somewhere there is a person. He doesn’t just put things on the table, but picks them up by size. We do not have the impression that we have very large or too inconspicuous objects. The viewer can examine each item in great detail. But at the same time the depicted is removed just enough to look as convincing as possible.

Still life is written incredibly voluminously. The artist skillfully uses the transitions of light and shadow. Hues are vibrant and sonorous. We do not feel any illusion. Before us is the most accurate image of real things. They are incredibly tangible and natural.

The artist worked on each of his still lifes for a very long time. In his early creations, he sought to make the image as lively as possible. That is why he portrayed certain decorative elements, and also added animals. Later, he decided to completely abandon this. Before us is just a set of objects that are familiar to a person in everyday life. The canvas is as calm and completely static as possible. The painter's art is contemplatively and philosophically thought out. When you look at this still life, you can feel it.

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