Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin "Himalayan pony"

Description of the painting by Vasily Vereshchagin

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Vasily Vereshchagin at one time thundered not only throughout Russia, but also in the west. His paintings were admired in America and England. In Sweden and Poland.

In his works, which would seem to be ordinary scenes from life, something more was hidden. Nevertheless, having such popularity, the artist did not attend any meetings, did not independently exhibit his work at exhibitions, and even more so, did not seek recognition. He modestly worked in his workshop, and the fruits of his work became the object of curiosity of those around him.

Vereshchagin was a military estate, which many were amazed at. A true military officer who went through several wars, but at the same time manages to write such masterpieces. Most of his work is related to the Himalayas. And one of them is the Himalayan Pony.

If you start inspecting the canvas, starting with the background, you can understand that the dwarf horse is standing in a clearing in the middle of the mountains. The grass has a slightly yellowish hue, so we can assume the time of year when the picture was drawn - autumn.

Pony is not intended for long movements. Their use, most often, is characteristic of the circus, or to children from wealthy families. The animal, intended for short trips and fun, stands alone, sadly dropping its head, in the middle of the Himalayan mountains. One leg is slightly torn off the ground, although the rest of the body shows that the animal is not going to move. What is it doing here?

I would like to hope that the pony escaped, and now be free, away from noise and mischievous children. Or maybe this is the place where the traveling circus opened up, and the animal is just on a walk. On it is a saddle on which a multi-colored cape is spread. As if the artist did not give brightness to her, the picture still turned out to be dark. After all, looking at the pony's gloomy face, you no longer pay attention to the bright elements of the picture.

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