Description of the painting by Alexei Denisov-Uralsky "Forest Fire"

Description of the painting by Alexei Denisov-Uralsky

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A connoisseur of the beauty of his native Urals, Denisov has always been distinguished by the realism of the image depicted on the canvas. He realized that next to the beautiful lurking and unbridled elements, bringing destruction.

The artist devoted several of his works to the indomitable element of fire, which in the blink of an eye can turn from good into destructive evil. Denisov-Uralsky portrayed this strength and indomitability in his painting Forest Fire.

To be precise, the artist has several paintings with this name, but the first among them was painted in 1897.

Here, the fiery element is depicted at the peak of its strength. She rushes forward, destroying everything in her path. The fire depicted by the artist inspires fear and awe.

Denisov revived his fire. He turned him into a beast devouring pine trees. These giant trees seem tiny compared to flames. This proportional ratio of objects only enhances the emotional tension of the picture.

The artist’s skill is so great that he was able to convey the movement of fire: flames soaring up to the sky are ready to absorb the sun itself, smoke envelops all visible space, and the heat continues to spread across the earth with small elusive snakes. It seems a little more - and only fire will remain.

The picture is played in color contrast: shades of orange, red and gray embody death and destruction, but the trees and grass remain green. Fire has not had time to reach them yet, and the plants are amazed at the color saturation. The crowns of the trees are emerald, and the grasses are pale green. After all, they are still full of life, which is felt thanks to the paints chosen by the artist.

Sparkling fire and thick puffs of smoke create a spectacular spectacle of its own. They fully reflect the strength and beauty of a forest fire, without belittling either the first or the second.

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