Description of Paul Gauguin's painting “When is the Wedding” (When will you get married?)

Description of Paul Gauguin's painting “When is the Wedding” (When will you get married?)

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Gauguin created this unusual picture in 1892.

The artist was looking for paradise, which must be on earth. It is for this purpose that he visits the exotic island of Tahiti. At this time, France was already trying to create unusual paintings in the then popular style of primitivism. But they were all quite artificial.

When Gauguin visited Tahiti, he suddenly realized that he represented this island in a completely different way. In fact, everything was different. The local population was almost destroyed by the colonizers, as well as various diseases. But the artist has a huge number of works in which he prefers to portray islanders.

Gauguin uses the most juicy tones. In order to write earth, he takes yellow, blue and green. Before us are two women. On the front dress is an islander in a traditional dress. Right behind her is another one where you can see the missionary outfit. In all its appearance, austerity is felt. She warns or threatens about something.

The woman depicted in the background captivates with simplicity. Gauguin painted her in an unusual pose. She all curved gracefully, showing the audience her beauty.

The woman behind her is painted on a juicy yellow background. Her face is in the center of the canvas. The artist prescribes the features of her face. This image is more individualized. This woman’s pink dress attracts attention. It is completely different from the tones that the painter uses in this painting. The riot of colors is impressive. Gauguin creates a magnificent creation, striking with saturated colors

Researchers rightly believed that Gauguin's indigenous population of Tahiti was idealized. He portrays them as if their destiny is in songs and love. It seems that the artist sought to attract the attention of viewers to his work. But contemporaries took his creations very coldly.

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