Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “In the Park”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “In the Park”

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Zhukovsky is a Russian artist with Polish roots, a famous landscape painter who worked in the style of realism and impressionism. Often he took for the paintings completely ordinary, boring things, past which people who were not endowed with a creative imagination pass every day without paying attention to them, and fill them with special meaning through their eyes.

He studied under Levitan. For ten years he maintained a school for young artists - it existed until the revolution. He was called a lyrical landscape painter - all of his paintings were exceptionally peaceful and quiet.

"In the Park" is no different in terms of mood from the rest of his paintings. It depicts a summer day. The side of the noble estate is decorated with spots of light and shadow, the sun's rays seep through the foliage and form its own complex ornament. The grass is cut short, and also all is covered with stains from playing shadows.

When you look at the picture, you can literally feel the sleepy peace of summer afternoon, when all living things are in a hurry to take refuge in the shady depths of forests and parks, and it is tempting to imagine the coolness that reigns inside the estate - it can be seen that it was built a long time ago, and under high ceilings it is cool like under arches of natural grottoes.

There are no people in the picture, which is understandable, because this is a landscape. But it seems that the real reason is not this - in fact, everyone hid from the heat, indulge in afternoon nap or sunbathe on the open lawn.

The children may be playing badminton, and the estate, which seems oddly abandoned, is as if dreaming of them. But the park is empty, quietly under the canopy of trees, the sound of footsteps on the path is not audible - the park is napping, the estate is napping, and only gliding brisk green shadows from the leaves dare to disturb this peace.

In fact, not violating, but further emphasizing it and making it eternal.

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