Description of the painting by Alexander Laktionov “Letter from the front”

Description of the painting by Alexander Laktionov “Letter from the front”

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Laktionov is a Soviet artist, and Letter from the Front is the most famous of his works, for which he received the Stalin Prize. She was conceived back in 1944 after what happened to the artist of history. In the Moscow Region, where he and his family were evacuated, he met a wounded soldier who, leaning on a crutch and clutching his bandaged hand, walked through the village.

He stopped, asked how to find the right house - he was asked to send a letter - and Laktionov went with him, to show. The scene of the delivery of the letter, which he found almost by accident, made a deep impression on him and became two years later the painting "Letter from the Front." His own children posed for him, an old friend, also an artist, became a soldier, a girl with an air defense bandage - his young neighbor.

There is a well-known plot in the picture. A letter was delivered from the front and the whole family was glad that death was once again delayed, that father and husband were healthy and alive. The soldier who brought the letter rests on a jamb, smokes, looking at the people around him with a smile - perhaps they remind him of his own family. The boy holds a letter in his hands, he looks enthusiastic and happy, his mother looks at the sheet from above, in her hand is an envelope, and which they took out the sheet.

The girl stands with her back, only light pigtails are visible, and the girl with the bandage rests on the railing, and the whole scene, located in the doorway, is imbued with golden sunlight. He plays in his hair, illuminates human faces, and the joy that plays on them seems to be additionally highlighted.

And the whole atmosphere of the picture is just that - sunny, happy, it seems to remind us that no matter how bad the war, no matter how hard and scary, there are always moments in which there is room for simple human feelings. For joy, for expectation, and any little thing turns into a miracle.

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