Description of the painting by Alexey Venetsianov “Girl in a scarf”

Description of the painting by Alexey Venetsianov “Girl in a scarf”

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The canvas of the outstanding artist Venetsianov is full of mysteries: who is this girl and when was her portrait painted. The answer to the first question was never found. As for the second, it is considered to be the time of the creation of the picture of the 30s. This is one of the few works of the artist, which he did not recall in his letters. His friends and acquaintances did not even talk about her.

Perhaps the author himself did not consider the portrait of one of his remarkable works. But still, the fact that the portrait appeared was an event in the world of Russian painting.

Having gained fame and moving to his own estate, Venetsianov divided life into two halves. It was the second that marked the beginning of a new period in his work. Starting as a portrait painter, the artist penetrates more and more into the inner world of man and now he seeks to reveal the rich world of ordinary peasants, whose work cannot but cause admiration.

Portraying peasants, Venetsianov begins to break the established stereotypes. He sees the beauty in these people, especially the female beauty beckons to the master. The artist's peasant women are not like women exhausted by hard work. They are real, simple and open.

It was then that the picture "Girl in a Scarf" appears. This is the result of a dispute between the realist and the poet, who coexist in the soul of the artist. For some reason, this girl’s face stands out among the numerous portraits of the artist. It is full of spirituality, from which it still looks cute. The Venetians relieves their girlfriend from a frozen stillness.

Fate miraculously protected the girl from the hardships of the peasant share. It seems that a slight smile plays on the lips, a subtle hint of it. And the eyes are full of faith in life and people, they trust the world around, bringing purity and light into it. Facial features are full of harmony and delights of youth. Such an image causes confidence that a girl deserves joy and happiness in her life, because it simply cannot be otherwise.

In this picture you can feel the artist’s daydreaming and his love for his creation.

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