Illustration for the tale "Ilya Muromets and the Nightingale the Robber" by Ivan Bilibin

Illustration for the tale

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Bylina about Ilya Muromets is one of the main components of the Old Russian epic. If you believe her, Ilya Muromets was thirty years and three years old lying on the stove because he didn’t have legs, but when he was thirty-three, three old men came to him and returned his ability to walk so that he would walk and protect the Russian land . And Ilya took a sword, sat on the horse’s good, and went to look for those who need help.

The first were the merchants who complained to him that the road to Chernigov was blocked, because there, on twenty-seven oaks, he had been sitting for thirty years, and no one had a pass from him, neither horse nor foot. Who robs, who kills with a whistle, and have to travel around. Then Ilya went to defeat the robber.

Hearing the stomp of his horse, he whistled for twenty miles, but the hero was not afraid. He whistled for ten miles, stronger - only the horse stumbled. He whistled when Ilya was already under the oak tree - and received an arrow in the eye, which is why he died, after which the road became free.

The picture depicts the moment when Ilya aims at the Nightingale's eye. The horse stands under it, resting on the ground with all four legs, so as not to blow away, the trees bend with a whistle, but Ilya’s bow looks directly at the robber who sits on a huge oak tree.

Dark-skinned nightingale, dressed in the Tatar manner, his face expresses anger and confusion. He whistles with all his might, but the man in front of him refuses to fall, refuses to die, and this surprises and infuriates him.

Ilya is visible only from the back, but by the way he leans back to better aim, by the way he cleverly holds the bow of his hand, it is clear that he is not afraid at all, and that the whistle does not affect him at all.

The painting was executed in a traditionally bicyclic manner, abundant in details and very bright. Made to become a good illustration for a thick book of fairy tales.

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