Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Sleeping young woman in a park”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Sleeping young woman in a park”

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Somov is a Russian artist of the late 19th century who preferred portraits and landscapes.

He usually worked in the Art Nouveau style, which is characterized by attention to detail, the absence of sharp straight lines in favor of naturalness and smoothness, and the desire to bring art into all spheres of human life, thus mutually ennobled.

“A sleeping young woman in a park” - the picture for him is not entirely characteristic. More likely representing a plot scene than a landscape or a portrait, it is a bit out of the rest of his works. It depicts a young woman dozing off in a park on the banks of a pond. The hat with blue ribbons is neatly set aside. The head of the sleeping woman rests on a soft pillow, under one hand is not a completely closed book, the second is thrown behind her head.

The girl’s hair is curly, her face is not only serene, like anyone sleeping, but joyful, as if she was dreaming of something pleasant. At her feet sits a skinny angry dog, which is written out wary and attentive - she guards the mistress and is ready to bite anyone who encroaches on her.

And around the park, which was not at all stunned by the fact that the girl was sleeping in it. Green shadows of foliage gently glide across the grass, the sky and blooming lilacs are reflected in the waters of the pond. A woman in a magnificent dress dutifully walks a little boy - most likely, she is his nanny. It is very unlikely that the mother.

Two young men fencing with swords. Their postures are tense, conveying how absorbed they are in battle. It is unlikely that this is a duel, rather a training duel. White clouds float across the sky, and the whole picture is painted brightly, richly, conveying the summer spirit, ringing with life, when nature rejoices and people rejoice.

All of it looks like a hymn to youth and life. The mood rises from looking at her - after all, is it possible to grieve, if there is such a wonderful day, and the clouds, and the sun, and so sweet to sleep in the shade of a rustling tree.

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