Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “The Shoes”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “The Shoes”

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It took several weeks to find Van Gogh’s shoes that were suitable for the picture, and then, once returning from the market, he brought them home - battered, but still solid, repaired before the sale and put in order, earlier probably belonged to some then to the worker.

For a while, they simply stood in the corner of the workshop and seemed to take their place. But it began to rain, and Van Gogh shod them (despite the fact that they were great to him) and walked for a long time in the rain, not afraid of any dirt, crawling into puddles and, possibly, even enjoying the walk. Arriving home, he put the shoes on the floor and decided that now they are ready to be transferred to the canvas.

“Shoes” is a very wet picture in which it seems to rain. A wet pavement, a curled dry leaf, barely outlined circles scatter from the drops, and in the middle of a real puddle there are two shoes - the ones worn by workers. They are obviously old, shapeless, and they have a good place in a landfill. But despite this, they retain some sad dignity of a thing - a thing that served well, that fulfilled its purpose and, although worn out, can still serve an undemanding person.

When you look at the "Shoes", one involuntarily recalls the fate of Van Gogh - a restless vagabond who did not find comfort in life. He was not accepted in his hometown and he was often laughed at, drank, and enjoyed the fame of a complete loser, moreover, untalented. He often left Paris in search of inspiration and comfort, but did not find it, and returned back with new paintings that no one bought, new ideas that no one needed.

Like the shoes from the picture, he could be of great benefit, but instead he spent his whole life on the road, in the wet mud, in the rain, which nobody really needed.

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