Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Portrait of the Tretyakov"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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Repin managed to create an incredibly simple and at the same time deep wipe. We see Tretyakov, who founded the famous gallery of paintings. The artist conveyed the depth and at the same time the complexity of the character of this person. Tretyakov’s dark eyes conceal sadness. His beard is well-groomed, his nose is perfectly flat. That is what a true philosopher should be thinking about the meaning of life.

Repin chooses an interesting moment as the final piece for his canvas. An engagement ring shines on the patron’s hand. It can tell a lot about a person. Repin wrote this hand with incredible skill. Thin fingers are impressive.

Tretyakov’s position is also characteristic. He tries to take up very little space. This indicates his modesty. He cannot exist without those paintings that he managed to collect. The work that has become the meaning of the whole life of this great man has also become part of it.

The picture is not impressive with lively color or a temperamental brush. The artist understands that Tretyakov was naturally restrained and modest. That is why his personality would really harmonize badly with exuberant colors and expressive technique. That's why Repin chooses a slightly dry and very restrained manner. Only in this way could he convey the essence of the character of this great man.

We see Tretyakov sitting on a soft chair. He leaned a little on his back.

Pavel Mikhailovich was thinking about something. He is fully focused on his thoughts. It seems that he is not aware of what is happening around, he is so immersed in himself. It seems to us that we are a closed person. His face is still young. It is framed by a reddish beard. Before us is an organized, collected person.

Contemporaries rightly believed that Repin was able to create a truly successful portrait. They saw an external and internal resemblance to Tretyakov.

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