Description of the painting by Andrea Mantegna "Dead Christ"

Description of the painting by Andrea Mantegna

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The painter of the Italian Renaissance, Andrea Mantegna, painted original paintings that differed from the traditional ones for the era of classical works in a sharp and tough manner.

“Dead Christ” - a mournful picture depicting the gospel story of mourning the crucified Jesus, is written simply and easily. But the perspective is noticeably transformed. And the very method of presenting the dead Son of God to us is strikingly different from similar paintings by other artists.

Mantegna was the first to place the body of Christ on the canvas with his legs lying to the audience. At the same time, the legs appear disproportionately small in comparison with his head. In this way, the painter presented the law of perspective not as a soulless strict demand, but as a plastic quantity that serves the ideas of a particular composition and obeys the artist’s wishes.

Mantegna wanted to focus on the head of the Savior, so he wrote it larger. The expression on Jesus' face is a compositional center: it seems that the face is not dead, but immersed in a deep sleep. Allegorically expressed faith in resurrection.

The sobbing faces of John and Mary are very crudely written: they are wrinkled, wrinkled from grief. The tragedy was amazingly conveyed: looking at the picture “Dead Christ” you physically feel a lump in your throat and a pressing pain in your soul.

The artist paid much attention to drawing the folds of a white sheet covering the body. The entire color palette of the picture is distinguished by restrained asceticism. The body of Christ is full of greatness, the stigmata on His limbs look frighteningly realistic. The atmosphere of the canvas is mourning, but anticipating the imminent divine miracle.

Historians believe that the "Dead Christ" in the gallery of Milan - one of the many copyright copies, the original was lost. During his life, the artist greatly valued this particular work of his, keeping it at home.

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