Description of the painting by Peter Rubens "Bacchus"

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens

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Rubens - Flemish painter, master of baroque - his paintings represent almost the essence of this style. He is cheerful, bright, with a lot of details, they honor and glorify life, representing almost a slap in the face of death. He preferred religious and mythological subjects, especially revealing the myths of ancient Greece.

Bacchus - he is Dionysus, he is Bacchus - the god of winemaking, inspiration, vegetation and vitality, which nourishes everything. Wherever he goes, unbridled pretty girls come with him, pour wine, reign general festivities and festivities, where everyone who wants to have fun will find a place.

Rubens depicts him in the form of a fat man sitting on a barrel of wine and raising a bowl into which all the same wine is poured. His Bacchus is obese and, judging by his face - flabby, almost thoughtful - is close to getting tired of the bedlam that is always happening around him. On his head is a wreath of grapes.

They drink around - a man, also naked, pours wine directly from a jug into his mouth, a woman bares one breast, pours water to her master, children around - one drinks wine pouring from a Bacchus’s cup, the other urinates, apparently, getting rid of the drunk wine. A big cat under the foot of God lies on its side, looks pleased and obediently lets itself tumble down.

The whole composition is drawn to Bacchus, as to the center. He, allowing you to get rid of all moral and other prohibitions, open up to the world and become temporarily drunk, crazy and happy, gives meaning to his own bacchanalia. Without him, she would have been an ugly feast of madmen. With him, in her there is a certain higher meaning, liberation and boundless joy of wildness.

For some, the picture will cause disgust, for others it is the desire to join the retinue of Bacchus, in which you can look like anyone - fat, drunk. Crazy.

Composition According to the Picture of Levitan Silent Abode

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