Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Mother of the World”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “Mother of the World”

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Carried away by eastern philosophical and religious movements, Roerich considered it his duty to carry them through creativity to people far from them. Expressing himself through what worked best for him — through painting — he simultaneously popularized what he believed in. Although people did not understand the meaning of the paintings, they might be interested. Interested - read. After reading - believing.

“Mother of the World” is one of his most optimistic pictures, because her very meaning implies the end of the Dark Era and the beginning of the Light. On the throne from the mountains sits the Great Mother, which is that single feminine principle, which was called differently in different religions, but never forgetting. The Empress is the lasso of Tarot, symbolizing the mother. Virgin Mary is the Christian reflection of the mother.

Many pagan, ancient religions revered not a single creator, but a single goddess, who at the dawn of time gave birth to the world. It is this ancient archetype of the mother who gives, protects and embodies the Great Mother. Her face is hidden under the hood, but the lower part, visible to the viewer, impassive and similar in color to bronze, is lit up, which indicates the imminent onset of a happy, bright age and the upcoming discovery of knowledge.

The tunic of her free waves falls down, symbolizing order and harmony in everything that surrounds Mother. Behind her, in heaven, the Seven Elders and Three Mages are constellations, and between them rises in radiance and glory, just above Mother’s head, the morning star, which also portends joy for all.

Around the mountains serving the Mother as the throne, a river flows, symbolizing the endless river of life, nourishing itself. The fish swimming in it are people, their fates, seeking themselves in an endless stream. A woman and a man peek out from behind the rocks, their poses express admiration and reverence.

And this is right - even if Mother carries only good, not to reverence her - blasphemous.

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